Idle game almost arcade-y, Expand your play area !

- click+drag to move the camera
- scroll to zoom
- click on square and circles
- figure out the rules

Unfortunately no save/load function.

spoilerThere is a secret way to cheat, will you find it ? tell me in comments :)
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tagsbevy, Idle, jam
Code licenseMIT License
LinksSource code


Download 16 MB
Version v0.9 May 05, 2023
sidle_ffect.dmg 15 MB
Version v0.9 May 05, 2023
Download 11 MB
Version v0.9 May 05, 2023


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game crashed again

love the overhaul in the graphics 

when will the next update be?

I released a somewhat optimized build which replaced text by a progress gauge, let me know if you can play longer than before :) ;

The balancing/timings hasn’t had much thoughts yet.

Next update will probably add persistence, but I think it will be in ~2 months

i think i was able to play a little farther before it crashed

persistence has been added :) it’s through a new “triangle” node ; next update will take more time.

Really creative game. Surprisingly entertaining.




game crashes after a certain point 

Thanks for your tests! I didn’t realize that, I’ll try to investigate.

it gives me a gray screen with a robot face or something

pretty cool but i dont know what we are gaining or why we would want to block the square after we unblobked it

My objective for S’idlEffect is to gain currency for another game, stay tuned :)

S’idlEffect will eventually be an idle game, featuring persisted sessions, so you can come back to the map you know later on.

Blocking the square is useless for now, I think I’ll prevent click to block.

so how will that work with gaining currency for another game

(3 edits) (+1)

That’s heavily under construction (don’t expect it to be “fun” until late 2024) ; but if you’re interested in tech details, check out Backpack

Players can have an account created on Backpack server when playing games supporting Backpack (game developers must integrate it).

For the moment Backpack supports (in tech demo) accounts through email/password, but later on I’d like to support facebook and your favorite way of authenticating (private key, github, twitter…)

that's actually really cool