Server is now a free heroku, meaning it can take a long time to start.

As heroku free will be discontinued, this game will most likely stop working: https://blog.heroku.com/next-chapter 

Please refresh the page if nothing is happening.

How to play ?

  1. Wait for a grey rectangle to be displayed
  2. Enter your Nickname in the input field and send it so you can show off your score
  3. Wait for bevies to spawn
  4. Click on the bevies, it will remove them
  5. Remove ALL Bevies!

Game details

  • Whack a mole
  • every player is on the same map!
    • kinda wordle inspired
  • players can drop in or out of the game

Nice to haves

  • maybe different type of moles ?
  • time limited or not ?
  • ranking
  • sharing

My Goals

Theme interpretation

  • Players playing for a longer time than others have the unfair advantage that they had more chances to whack some bevies!
  • Players with better connection have an unfair advantage

Source is https://github.com/Vrixyz/whack-a-bevy.

Development log


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Add something cool in the background :D! I was really curious when I joind the game if there would be some artwork in the background and whacked every bevy because of this!

That’s a great idea actually ! Initially the game was planned to have bevies disappear over time, so players would have to be quick to be the fastest to whack ; but I didn’t implement that 😇